PTC- Our House

Do you fancy being on the production team for Our House? We’re looking for applications for director, choreographer and musical director! The musical will be performed at @nottinghamarts in May 2019! If you would like to be considered please email your details to The deadline for applications is August 18th at 7pm.

Chess- The Musical

We are proud to announce that our production of Chess- The Musical was a resounding success! We would like to thank the cast and crew as well as the Director Meng Khaw for all their hard work and dedication during this wonderful production. The show received excellent reviews including this excerpt from Kev Castle`s fantastic […]

Blog- Change is in the air…

Hello and welcome guys! First, please allow me to introduce myself.. My name is Adam and I`m sure many of you may have come across me within the PTC over the last few years (once met never forgotten!!). On Tuesday 17th April I was voted as the new Chair of the Nottingham PTC. It is […]

Blog – Season ends and new beginnings

I can’t believe it was only July that we performed Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Pirates of Penzance. As far as shows go it was certainly a challenge; after a bumpy start we changed directors and our very own Meng Khaw (who played the pirate king) took over and steered our ship into smoother waters, though we […]

Blog – Pirates Auditions

Sentimental pirates, blundering policeman, and absurd adventures await in Gilbert and Sullivan’s famous musical: the Pirates of Penzance. A young man mistakenly apprenticed to a pirate king as a lad is finally old enough to turn his back on his “vile profession”. Desperate to find a good wife and honest happiness he throws himself on […]

Blog – The Crucible

PTC Presents… The Crucible by Arthur Miller 29th March to 1st April 2017 A period masterpiece for our modern problems The History Arthur Millers the Crucible, although set during the Salem witch trials was written in 1953 as a way to highlight McCarthyism and the persecution of those believed to be communists. These “witch-hunts” that […]

Blog – Hit the Ground Running

Nottingham must be one of the most alive places for live theatre I’ve ever lived in. We have the Theatre Royal and The Royal Concert Hall which will house some of the biggest touring musical productions of the year as well as their annual pantomime spectacular. This theatre also plays hosts to some local groups […]