About the PTC

The People’s Theatre Company is the award winning community theatre group who perform at the Nottingham Arts Theatre. We are an open community organisation, who provide opportunities for all people to get involved with the dramatic arts, whether it be on stage in a play or musical, or as part of the production team putting in all the essential work that brings a performance to life.

We produce several shows ever year, and there are always open auditions and the opportunity to get involved in other areas. Just check the website for audition notices and volunteer requests, or get in touch via email or social media.

The People’s Theatre Company is co-ordinated by a committee of volunteers, the current committee (Jan, 2017) consists of:

Chairperson – Christopher Collins

Deputy Chairperson – Jessica McLean

Treasurer & Technical Officer – Robert Wood

Secretary & Membership Secretary – Meng Khaw

Artisitic Director – Robbie Robb

Publicity –  Barbara Benner

Social  –  Mary Lobley & Adam Chapman

Child Protection Officer – Vernon Lloyd

Co-opted Member(s) – Marie Rogers

Constitution Amended Oct. 2016