The Pirates of Penzance

Well it’s the top of the tide and we must be off! Pirates has finished now, but boy what a run! We got some great feedback from our audiences, and we’re so proud to have introduced the wonderful world of G&S to a whole new generation of people and actors, and given a chance to those who haven’t been able to show their talents before.

Check back here and on our Facebook page to see photos of the show, taken by the talented Gavin Mawditt.

Sentimental pirates, blundering policeman, and absurd adventures await in Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera: the Pirates of Penzance!

After hosting the Mikado and Madame Butterfly last year, the People’s Theatre Company are proud to bring opera back once more to the shores of the Nottingham Arts Theatre – and who better than G&S’s Slave of Duty?

Frederic, apprenticed to pirates by mistake, falls head-over-heels for Mabel, the daughter of Major-General Stanley. Frederic will be released from his pirate apprenticeship on his 21st birthday, but it won’t be that easy –  he was born on the 29th of February, and so discovers that he is technically still a youngster. Although he loves Mabel, his dedication to duty is unbreakable. Can he find a way to live happily-ever-after?

Tuesday 4th – Saturday 8th July

“As a Director, [Meng Khaw] kept it pacy and made sure that the comedy was upfront, almost panto-esque, which suited this piece of theatre, and G&S’s wordy script so well.” – Kev Castle